Tuesday, July 10, 2012

நானாடி பிரதுகு நாடகமு --Nanati brathuku natakamu

நானாடி பிரதுகு நாடகமு 

Nanati brathuku natakamu
kanaka kannadhi kaivalyamu

சரணம் 1:
puttutayu nijamu,povutayu nijamu
nattanadi nee pani natakamu
yettanedhuta galadi prapanchamu
kattakadapatidhi kaivalyamu

சரணம் 2
thegadhu papamu teeradhu punyamu
nagi nagi kalamu natakamu
eguvale sree venkateshwaru delithe
gaganamu meedhidhi kaivalyamu

Pallavai:This day to day life is a drama.What is seen yet not seen clearly ;(kanaka kannadi exactly means something  which is seen yet not seen;for instance an object at a far off distance)is liberation/salvation
Charanm 1:To be born is truth to die is is truth.All the work is between the two is a drama.That which is right in front is  the world.That which is the ultimate last is liberation.
Charanam 2:There is no sin.There is never completion to good/holiness.All this laughing is drama.Above there is only one ONE Venkateswara.That which is even beyond the sky is liberation

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