Thursday, July 26, 2012


jagadOddhAraNa ADisidaLe yashOde : 
One who maintains the universe; lifts, raises…the person who protects the universe…  With Him played Yashoda (aaDi= play) 
JgadOddhAraNa maganendu tiLiyuta:
  One who maintains the universe; lifts, raises…the person who protects the universe…  Nothing other than her son, thinks she 
suguNAnta ranganA AdisidaLe yashOde
All virtues replete with; complete; pleasingly… With Him played Yashoda (aaDi= play)Yashoda indulged in playful sports with Krishna, who sustains and maintains the universe; 
who possesses all of pleasing virtues, considering that He was no more than just a child and also Her son. - 

Charanam: 1
 nigamakE silukada agaNita mahimana: 
  to the books of knowledge (Vedas)-   not captured- one that is beyond counting (gaNita is counting; agaNita is beyond count, countless)-  greater than  

magugaLa mANikyana ADisidaLa yashOde:
 in the midst of, amongst surrounding children (makkaL, Malayalam and Thamizh)-   treasure, rare gem-With Him played Yashoda (aaDi= play).   Yashoda played with Krishna, whose reality could not simply be captured even with the books of knowledge (Vedas; one who is not understood, comprehended by the Vedas); whose opulence (vibhuti) excels the infinite (infinitesimal), an unusually rare and intriguing gem amongst all the children (of the gokula). 
charanam 2: aNOraNIyana mahatO mahImana: 
aNu – atom--The word, aNu, refers to atom (the smallest aspect of matter [and the bodies of beings], while anoraneeyan refers to what is even smaller than the smallest aspect of matter (and the bodies of beings), namely ‘atom”…In other words, the subatomic particles.  - – minute-r   Great, grand-  greater 

apramEyana ADisidaLa yashOde: 

Defying measurement...One that is beyond measurement. 'Aprameya', refers to transcendent and all-encompassing." Transcendent: exceeding, surpassing usual limits; extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience; being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge; being beyond normal understanding, comprehension… Transcendent. Opposite of immanent…
Immanent: being within the limits of possible experience or knowledge…With Him played Yashoda (aaDi= play)
charanam 3: parama puruSana paravAsudEvana: 

purandara viTTalana ADisidaLu yashOde

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