Tuesday, August 7, 2012

பிபரே ராம ரசம்-pibarE rAma rasam

பிபரே ராம ரசம் 
पिबरे राम रसम् रसने पिबरे राम रसम्
दूरीकृत पातक  संसर्गम्  पूरित नानाविध फल वर्गम्
जनन मरण भय शोक  विदूरम् सकल शास्त्र निगमागम सारम्
परिपालित सरसिज गर्भाण्डं   परम पवित्री कृत पाषाण्डम्
शुद्ध परमहम्स आश्रम / आश्रित  गीतं शुक शौनक कौशिक मुख पीतम्
pibarE rAma rasam 
rasanE pibarE rAmarasam
dUrIkrta pAtaka samsargam
 pUrita nAnAvidha phala vargam
janana maraNa bhaya shOka vidUram 
sakala shAstra nigamAgama sAram
paripAlita sarasija garbhANDam 
parama pavitrI krta pAshANDam
shuddha paramahamsa Ashrama gItam

 shuka shaunaka kaushika mukha pItam
Drink the essence of the name of Rama, o tongue.
It will help you remove or be distant from association with sin and you will be fulfilled with many kinds  and types of rewards/gains.
It will help you be far removed from the grief of the cycle of birth and death , it is the essence of all the religious treatises , the Vedas and sciences .
It protects all creation. Brahma was born of a lotus from a golden egg and then he created the whole universe. So this phrase implies that Rama nama protects the whole universe.  It will purify  even the most impious or heretic .
It is the pure song that paramahamsa (signature of poet) has taken refuge in, it is the same which has been drunk by sages like Shuka, Shaunaka and Kaushika.

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