Friday, June 29, 2012

ஹே கோவிந்த ஹே கோபால-hE gOvind hE gOpAl hE

ஹே கோவிந்த ஹே கோபால 

hE gOvind hE gOpAl hE gOvind rAkhO sharan ab tO jIvan hArE Oh (hE) gOvind! gOpAl! 
nIr pivan hEta gayO sindu kE kinArE sindhu bIch basat grAha caraN dhari pacArE 
cAr prahar yuddh bhayO lE gayO majdhArE nAkE pAr Dub na lAgE krSN kO pukArE 
" dwarakA mE shabad gayO shOr bhayO dvArE shankh cakra gadA padma garuDa ni sitArE
sUr kahE shyAm sunO sharaNE tihArE abkI bAr pAr karo nand kE dulArE 

"In order to get a drink of water, the king of elephants, Gajendra proceded to the banks of the ocean/river. Unfortunately for him, a crocodile that lived in that ocean/river grabbed him by his foot and dragged him in." Gajendra put up a valiant fight for four prahar's (a unit of time). However, when the crocodile drags/takes him well beyond his comfort zone, and he finds himself in the middle of a current he begins to wonder if he would drown. It is only now that he realizes that he is in over his head, and calls out to Lord Krishna." "His words were carried to Dwaraka and created a din at the entrance to the city. As soon as he heard the entreaty, The Lord set out on Garuda armed with his conch, discuss, and his mace, and went to his aid." "Reminding The Lord of this story, Sur Das says, "Listen, O Beloved Son of Nanda, Shyam, I have sought your protection. Is it not high time that you took me across this wordly-ocean?" "Please keep me in your care/protection/refuge, for it appears that I have now come to the end of my life."

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